Edwin Lockridge

Edwin Lockridge owner @ Lock Ridge Graphics. Arts. Photography. Fashion Design. An exstinsive private art collection. History.Former fine arts gallery owner. Former framer at Micheal's 100 Oaks. Artist Eagel's View Enterprises, Hampton,GA.
Currently owner of Lock Ridge Graphics. Growing clients list.
My pet project. 33.1/3 R.P.M. Collection. Edwin Lockridge, Curator. Other. Professional speaker, writer, editor.
The Remote Freelance Designer. Edwin aka The Tzar of Culture.


Ngised. Lo Ri Gr.

Ngised. Edwin Lockridge. Artist. Writer. Designer. Photography.

The Ministry of Other. “The Ministry of Other. ”

My ministry. Estates. 2015. "When no other ministry will do." Logo & Graphics by Edwin Lockridge, Lock Ridge Graphics.

Paper Trail # 3 “Paper Trail # 3”

Paper Trial # 3. 2016. Edwin Lockridge

1 “1”

Photo. Christ The King Church. Nashville, TN. Edwin Lockridge, photographer.