Ipung Purnomo

Ipung Purnomo

Location: Indonesia

Ipung Purnomo is an Indonesian artist.He was born in 1974.He has had passion for painting since he was very young.His early works were mainly portraits and landscapes.He had his first solo painting exhibition when he was in a college.He lived in Yogyakarta from 2001-2005.He ran a painting studio there.He traveled to some cities in Indonesia to receive trainings from some professional artists.

He currently lives in Papua.He has participated in national and international exhibitions.Few exhibitions were held in Indonesia,and some exhibitions were held overseas,such as in Netherlands,Italy,Columbia,USA,Japan,UK,Vietnam,France,Poland,Spain,and Germany.His works have been included in international publications : International Contemporary Artists,International Contemporary Masters,and Inter-Asia Cultural Studies Journal.He won a Museum Award from Musee de Peinture de Saint-Frajou,France.


Papuan Figures

My artwork is all about Papuan figures.It portrays their daily lives.I use acrylic on canvas and mixed media on paper. On canvas,I contrast bright colors with dark ones.I apply gold and silver to give more energy and liveliness.While the mixed media,I apply rough lines to give spontaneous effects.

Papuan in composition

My artwork is presented in conte, charcoal and mixed media on paper portraying Papuan figures.I draw two figures mostly that I arrange in such a way to form compositions.One figure is seen from distance applied in thin lines and the other is quite close which is presented in thick lines.As for the background,I apply curved lines and blockings to create motion.

Papuan In Pattern (PIP)

Figures are arranged upside down in different colours and composition to create beauty.Background is delivered in abstract decorative way to adjust with the images.The works are mixed media on paper.

The Mind

My artwork is portraying human's mind.In their silence,there lies many thoughts,imaginations,hopes and dreams.Picturing human's mind often arises my curiosity.It's like a riddle for me.Mind has life of its own.People's lives around me have always been my inspiration.It drives me to contemplate artistically.

The Untitled

My artwork has no titles.It's a result of an artistic search,very spontaneous.I can't decide the suitable titles for each work.I use cardboard which I carve in the background.I paint them using oil painting,acrylic,marker and oil pastel.