Marian Christy

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Knifed Watercolors®

I am pioneering Knifed Watercolors®, that is original watercolors created with palette knives and a puddle.No drawing. Just the splash. My focus is to make this unique signature a 21st century contemporary style, elevating watercolors to new depths and dimensions. I want to pull the viewer into the image, arouse curiosity but, most of all, to make an emotional connection silently, one-on-one. I paint most scenes of our outer life. The scenes are metaphors for our inner selves. The landscapes are full of these messages. To give the viewer a broad print, I detail the feelings with a title that is a kind of code about emotions that connect us all.

Forstyia “Forstyia”

Forsythia don't grow by the sea. The image is about pursuing what seems, momentarily, impossible. But you think anything is possible if you try hard enough.

I'm Going Yellow and Mellow “I'm Going Yellow and Mellow”

This is about cheerfulness, about turning the blues into a sunshine yellow. A smile replaces a scowl. It's possible to create a new, positive mood by relying on the strength of attitude which, after all, is self-navigated. Smile silly! Pretend your happy. Pretending sometimes makes it so.
(This is Knifed Watercolors®, that is an original image created with palette knives, paints and a puddle. No Drawing. Images imagined. It's my way of attempting to establish, by example, a 21st century contemporary style carved out from a new, untried idea of pushing boundaries.)

Pride and Prejudice “Pride and Prejudice”

The title speaks volumes about people going in opposite directions.

Solitue “Solitue”

My story is about aloneness, those moments when you are overtaken by a solitariness that is both solemn and healing. It's only when you're alone, in a situation of utter silence, that you can hear your own voice telling you what to do.

Rocky “Rocky”

Sometimes you feel rocky. You grasp at your own inner strength. You will yourself to have willpower. Rocks are tough, hard and moveable. That's the metaphor here. It's possible to be in a rocky situation and push yourself to greater things. The Power in the sky, more accessible than you think, can help you power yourself.