Bradley Jay Meyer

Entries from Meyer's historic WTCsunsets series won selection a record number of times at the American Juried Art Salon, and have been in six art shows. The portfolio was kept private until 11.11.2006 out of sensitivity to the victims of 9/11, and are positioned to garner major acclaim on the upcoming 20th anniversary of that tragic event..

The WTCs are the result of Bradley's having observed nearly 4,000 sunsets from the Christadora House, which towers over the East Village at Ninth Street and Avenue B. Many represent the only photo he composed on that particular night, and the collection was further winnowed by a suspicious turn-of-the-century warehouse fire. To dramatically increase their appreciation potential, each has been limited to just 5 signed and numbered prints.




The 16 WTCsunsets photos Meyer revealed late in 2006 were taken from the years 1987 to 1999 from three successive upper-floor condo apartments in the landmark Christodora House, Built in 1928, and designed by the architect of the famed Riverside Church, it later stood abandoned for the next 38 years.

The tower was occupied for a while by the Black Panthers, and was once raided by the police. It was not revived until 1986, when it was converted into condos. That same year, it was added to the National Register of Historic Places.

Prices of these prints have been temporarily slashed to generate some funds for year 2021 publicity initiatives, and can be requested through the artist website above. All offers are conditional and based on availability.

WTCsunset # 1 “WTCsunset # 1”

The #1 of 5 prints of WTCsunsets # 1 is currently offered at $9,000. Click on these thumbnails to see the entire images.

WTCsunset # 2 “WTCsunset # 2”

The # 1 of 5 print of this image is currently offered at $4,000.

WTCsunset # 3 “WTCsunset # 3”

The #3 of 5 print of this image is currently offered at $4,000.

WTCsunset # 4 “WTCsunset # 4”

aka Faces in the Cloud. Destined to be famous, the photo suggests a hovering, black-winged angel. Print #1 of 5 is currently offered at $12,000.

WTCsunset # 5 “WTCsunset # 5”

The # 4 of 5 print is currently offered at $5,000.

WTCsunset # 11 “WTCsunset # 11”

The #1 of 5 print of this image, an element of one of the WTC Red, White and Blues, is $5,000.

WTCsunset # 12 “WTCsunset # 12”

The # 1 of 5 print of this image is currently offered at $,4000.

WTCsunset # 13 “WTCsunset # 13”

The # 1 of 5 print of this image is currently offered at $4,000.

WTCsunset # 6 “WTCsunset # 6”

The # 1 of 5 print of this image is $4,000.

WTCsunset # 14 “WTCsunset # 14”

The # 1 of 5 print of this image is t $4,000.

WTCsunset # 15 “WTCsunset # 15”

The # 1 of 5 print of this image is $4,000.

WTCsunset # 16 “WTCsunset # 16”

The # 1 of 5 print of this image is $4,000.


The Illusions Series will continue to be expanded as opportunities arise.

Illusion - Bridge “Illusion - Bridge”

The Illusion here is that what looks to be the shadow of the bridge is a sandbar.

Well - B “Well - B”

This photo was shot upward between an outer staircase and a bank of light boxes in a parking garage.

Double Ought 7 Lib. Mems.

aka The 007 Lib. Mem. series, these are examples from Meyer's 2007 portfolio of the exquisite WW1 Liberty Memorial in KC, MO. The natural limestone ranges from bone white to ochre - depending on the lighting and sky.

In Honor “In Honor”

Uncropped, the inscription in the image reads - In honor of those who served in defense of liberty.

Dawns Early Light “Dawns Early Light”

Like all of my photos, limited to fewer than 10 numbered prints.

Juxtapositions - K.C. Built

The Juxtapositions Series contrasts Black and White photos with color photography employing two 35mm cameras with nearly identical angles of view. Since the human mind is naturally pattern seeking and puzzle solving, these juxtapositions encourage further contemplation of the paired images. In the process, the viewer is offered insights into both photography and the properties of light. The pull of the paired images is further strengthened by the fact that the color photos are largely monochromatic.

Due to the formatting of this site, all of the photos in these portfolios have been cropped – in some cases requiring the omission of some interesting elements of their original 4 by 6 images.