Kaya Deckelbaum

kaya deckelbaum


Kaya Deceklbaum Is a figurative sculptor whose art has been influenced by her Bulgarian, Israeli and Canadian heritage as well as her extensive travels through Africa.
Using wire-mesh as her principle medium, she creates dynamic sculptures, which are translucent and evoke intense feelings.
With fresh lighting technique, her work produces shadow forms which offer compelling depth and intensity synergistic to the original sculpture.

Currently resident of New York, Kaya exhibited in many galleries and Art Fairs in the US and in Europe including the 2015 Florence Biennale which awarded Kaya with the Lorenzo Il Magnifico 2nd prize for Sculpting.

Her sculpture Ma'apilim is part of the permanent collection of
The Hecht Museum , Haifa, Israel


"En'Light" 1

The play of light and shadow, reality and mysticism is essential to Kaya's series "En'Light".
To those viewing these sculptures, Kaya humbly attempts to offer a new perspective in contemplating
the place of God, Nature and Man in today's world.