Jayaram Krishnan

Jayaram Krishnan

Location: India

A self taught artist started drawing at the age of 9 and my first work was driven by emotions. Soon drawing developed into passion and a way to express myself. Most of my works are pencil drawn, while few were in enamel and pastel.

Though I have not formally learnt art, my experiences showed me the path to developing new techniques because for me art is a way to experience and innovate. Besides using regular art materials, I love to use art tools which are very uncommon like scrubbers, coconut fibers, saucers,screw drivers. etc. These give a piece a special effect.

For me art as no barrier and it can be in any form but I am very choosy in selecting the subject of my art work and will draw only what inspires me. Quite recently I have used a different media for my art works which consists of spices and beverages which includes, Turmeric powder, Chilli powder, Henna powder, Rice powder, Ginger paste, Coffee powder, spinach leaf extract , tomato paste etc.

I retired from services by working as a Senior manager in a private firm and restarted my passion after retirement 2 years ago.



Pencil and marker on paper


Pastel on paper

Sleeping Budha “Sleeping Budha”

Pencil on paper

Serene “Serene”

Pencil and marker

Reflections “Reflections”

Acrylic, pencil and marker

Budha “Budha”

Acrylic, Tomato paste, Garlic paste, marker, Henna paste on paper

Primitive woman

Coffee powder and pencil

Primitive woman “Primitive woman”

Vasaline and pencil

Rusty nature “Rusty nature”

Pencil,. vasaline, marker


Pencil and marker,pastel


Turmeric powder, chilli powder, marker,pencil

Preity Zinta “Preity Zinta”

pencil and marker