Sandi Pillsbury Gredzens

My training as a professional artist encompasses a diverse and rich background: Master's in Education from Hamline University, St. Paul, MN; post-graduate studies in education at San Jose State University, California and St. Catherine's University, St. Paul, MN; Bachelor of Fine Arts - University of California, Santa Cruz; Associate of Arts Degree - Stephens College, Columbia, MO. I have been a practicing artist for over 40 years and an art educator for over 30 years. I continue to take workshops at the Grand Marais Art Colony, MN to expand and nourish my creative voice.
My work reflects my love of nature and the environment. Whenever possible, I prefer to paint from direct observation or "en plein air." Often times I will do small, "color studies" outdoors and then enlarge the image from the small color sketch, memories, or on occasion, photographs. I paint with oil and/oil alkyd and will often paint an acrylic under painting - a sketch-on the larger canvases and paint over that.. It is my intention in the creation of art to communicate a universal language, a sort of "praise" for the magnificence of creation, of nature. With that in mind, my paintings usually have many color layers to them, which give the subject more "depth" that I want to convey to the viewer - a meaning that goes beyond the surface of the image itself. I will sometimes paint the opposite or complimentary color as the under painting, which also adds dimension to the work. I would call my method of painting as "realistic impressionism," as I strive to convey the feeling of the image as well as painting it in a more realistic way.
It is my hope that the viewer will sense the beauty and power in waterfalls, rocks, water, trees and flowers. I invite the viewer to slow down and look at the world around us - it is truly magnificent!
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