Pati Kent is an Artist/Illustrator. She is a graduate of the extraordinary Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California. There she polished her skills as an illustrator and developed her talent as a fine artist. She has shown her work throughout the U.S. and Europe. Pati uses a variety of mediums depending on the piece she is working on. Her work is usually part of a series. She enjoys creating narratives that are filled with symbolic images. Her pieces are meant to depict a place or time and transcend beyond the first reading. She is passionate about her work and enjoys the creative process of developing an idea and then creating a symbolic narrative of an event or series of events that uses several images to attract, question, enlighten and entertain the viewer. She is smitten with illusory animals and other fantasy images. Pati is known for developing pieces that are centered around a historically famous artist or musician.

Pati illustrates a variety of images including sketches of beautiful dresses, such as wedding dresses for her company Sweet Thing. These beautiful sketches become a unique keepsake. As an illustrator, she is at the ready to use her talent to ensure her client's vision is accurately implemented. As Pati tells it, "illustration is expressing a view point or telling a story in a few short visual seconds."

Pati has been a Art instructor in and around Orange and L.A. counties for 18 years. She treats all of her students, novice and experienced alike, with the same professionalism. She believes that everyone has various creative gifts.

When Pati is not making or teaching art you may find her reading, gardening, playing volleyball or softball, enjoying the gorgeous Southern California beaches or going to church. She loves her family.



These pieces are in a series of symbolic narratives. They blur the lines between historical and current images.