I am a recent university graduate who is determined to pursue my main passion in life which is art. Painting is a hobby which demands a great deal of time, dedication and commitment to fully realise an artistic vision or idea but it is such a freeing experience which nothing else can equal. I create abstract paintings almost daily and I would recommend doing so to anyone as it is a great way to break free of rules and just paint what ever you want however you see fit without having to worry about conforming to what people expect of a painting. For me it is just pure undiluted cathartic expressionism where an idea in my mind is realised and put onto a canvas with no filtering process whatsoever. Its a fantastic way to spend an evening!

If you're interested in purchasing any of my work please email me at, thanks.


Birth and Rejuvenation

The process of birth, rebirth and rejuvenation.

Underwater birth “Underwater birth”

Babies born under water inspired by Nirvanas Nevermind album cover.

Addiction “Addiction”

Depicts an addicts battle with self esteem and parental responsibility.

Parental Neglect “Parental Neglect”

Illustrates a mothers disaffection with new born.

Teen Angst “Teen Angst”

Illustrates the growing cleavage between parent and child in teenage years.