Emanuela D'ambrosi

Emanuela D'Ambrosi

Location: Italy

Emanuela D'Ambrosi, 27, degree in photography at the European Institute of Design in Rome. She owes everything to the photograph which has enabled it to create a deep relationship with reality, to receive it at will. She abandoned hers studies in Psychology to follow the path that most preferred, convinced that the two disciplines would complete each other, she preferred to speak in first person keep on having a great passion for the workings of the human mind and the latent intentions of individuals. Citing Susan Sontag: "a photograph is both a pseudo-presence and an indication of a lack"


Invisible Monsters

Invisible Monster is a research on human body forms and languages that appear different, strange. My idea is that within each of us, under the skin, there is a monster that can be visible if you can observe. The monster that is merely the collection of your fears, your pain, your limitations.