Fariya Firdous

Fariya Firdous

Location: India

Born and brought up in this historically and culturally rich city of Hyderabad, Fariya Firdous’ works are infused with bold strokes of vivid colours .
She seeks inspiration from nature , and everyday living. She believes that art is a form of expression-and firmly is of the belief that art is meant to soothe and calm the senses .She concentrates on horses, which are a recurrent theme in her works.
She aims to capture the essence of the moment in that entire she paints- be it the rustle of leaves in wind, or horses galloping in wild abandon. Her reason for choosing horses are a favourite, as she feels that they exemplify magnificence and happy abandon.
Her works are largely acrylic and oil and she paints on various surfaces. She has been painting actively for several years now.


Colours of Heaven

This portfolio concentrates on horses- to me horses are a recurrent theme with me, as they signify freedom,royalty , a majestic bearing yet a happy abandon.