Award winning artist D.O.M. (Dominika Zurawska) creates art that is evocative and dramatic – her paintings capture the infinite complexity and physicality of women. Born in Poland in 1982, and encouraged by an aunt who painted, Dominika has been creating images ever since, eventually graduating from the High School of Art in Bydgoszcz before studying at the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznan and winning Poznan Artist of the year in 2005.
"I drew in the snow, in the sand, in steam on a window; wherever I could"
Described by Amsterdam Whitney International Fine Art as “exploring the spontaneity and drama of women in the world. The visual intensity and psychological drama in Dominika’s superb art captures the excitement and visceral mystique of the female silhouette. Her impassioned brushstrokes create a sensuous and unique artistic vision with a profound sensitivity and powerful interplay of light - the emotional and physical experience of women.”
"My art is expressive, dynamic and unapologetically loud. I transfer my thoughts and feelings straight onto the canvas and use strong contrasting colours to show energy, emotion and exuberance. My painting says Stop! Look at me! It attracts, seduces and beguiles the viewer."
In 2002, Dominika's first solo exhibition was a sell-out. She has since sold to private collectors in Australia, Germany, Greece, Norway, Poland and the United Kingdom.
Following on from her recent win of the Society of Women Artists Caron Keating Memorial Award, Dominika took part in Art Fair at Parallax London 2015 and Art Below, London 2015. Her art work was also exhibited during summer exhibition in Tuscany Italy. Forthcoming exhibitions of her work are already booked for Edinburgh AF, Aberdeen AF, Glasgow AF, London AF and potentially Rotterdam AF. She will also have her first Glasgow solo exhibition this summer and at the end of the year 2016 her recent collection will also be exhibited in New York.
"To be one woman, you must be every woman. I try to capture women's complexity, power, passion and form using bold colours and brush strokes. I follow instinct and intuition and back them up with technique. I sit in front of a new canvas and, when inspiration strikes, I express my thoughts and feelings in colour; working until the model's image takes centre place and expresses her verve and her victory.
I specialise in oil painting – I chose this medium to achieve deep and reach colours. The technique is extremely versatile – it can be used thickly in impasto or extremely thin in glazes; it can be opaque or transparent.
I love art filled with expression – dynamic; an art that can shout out loud. When I’m painting I’m transferring my physical and mental state onto the canvas – strong colours help me to express what I see in my heart and my mind. Paintings should send out a clear message – stop and look at me! They should attract and seduce, and make us lose our sense of time, even for a short moment.”
Dominika is currently based at InCube in Paisley, Scotland, an incubator hub for promising new artists and designers in which she won a programme place in 2015.


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