Location: India


Address: John Dennis s/o Late A.Robert
Door no: 6/3-6 6th ward, paper town
Bhadravathi-577302 (T), Shivamogga (D)
Karnataka(S), India.

Phone No.: +91-8105709457.

- Father name : Late A. Robert.
- Mother name : Rose Mary.
- Date of Birth : 01-08-1991
- Nationality : Indian.
- Material status : Single.
- Mother Tongue : Kannada.
- Languages known: Kannada, English, Tamil and Hindi.



Selfie World

the selfie phenomenon might seem like a meaningless fad, but it has gone way too far! Pictures are supposed to solidify a special moment forever, but the proliferation of selfies has devalued the power of a photograph. People seem to think that any moment is a moment worthy of immortalizing. It’s not!

Selfies also highlight the growing narcissism of our generation. We all seem to think we’re important, and our selfies are a way to beg for attention. In fact, I’ve seen friends get so caught up in getting a selfie that they are outright disrespectful, ignoring everyone and everything around them!

Remember, the emotional boost we get from earning “likes” is temporary. Try to get that same feeling by creating an awesome memory—then you’ve captured a mental photo you can treasure forever.

This cartoons highlights the growing "Selfie World"