Leena Blom

"Beauty is everywhere. In the daily objects we have around us and in the way the light falls on them and catches detail and colour".
Leena Blom is a self-taught artist working and living in the Netherlands. Her work has been added to various private collections around the world and is also part of a museum collection in the Netherlands.
Traveling and living in Asia, Australia and Finland and now in the Netherlands has influenced the way Blom sees the world. The colours and objects that she prefers are tinted with these experiences and results in a contemporary take on the classic Still Life genre.


Contemporary still life

The still life paintings that Blom creates are born out of a love for man made objects and natural elements. The combination of the two brings balance and the use of colour sets the whole composition in a new fresh light.

Delftware and berries “Delftware and berries”

The Delftware is from Bloms private collection of porcelain and earthenware. The berries are a rose hip variety.

Delft and Delphinium Blue “Delft and Delphinium Blue”

Summer flowers with Delftware
Oil on canvas, 50x60cm

Grandma's Peony “Grandma's Peony”

Grandma had a peony in the garden that flowered every May. When grandma died, the peony was in full bloom. I picked the flower and wanted to paint it as soon as I got home from the funeral. Tinted with nostalgia, this painting is a symbol of the beauty she brought to the world around her. Oil on canvas, 50x60cm.

Quinces with Yellow vase “Quinces with Yellow vase”

A thrift shop find with quince pears.
Oil on canvas 50x50 cm

Chinese Magnolias “Chinese Magnolias”

70x120 cm oil on canvas