Location: Canada

Caroline Tremblay (better known by his stage name: Hermine) is a native of Baie-Saint-Paul in the Charlevoix region and was born in 1972. She comes from a family where the newspaper is made of DIY, drawings and music.

In adolescence, around the age of 14, the young artist is reserved, sensitive and dreamy. It is a loner who likes to work in the local visual arts or the library of his school. In 1989, she entered the professional college Rochelle Sainte-Foy and studying interior where it stands out with his artistic skills. In 1991, she began a specialization as a window dresser where she explores the spatial side of art. His real awareness is at school, when she makes decorations for the theater. She decided to plunge into the world of visual arts at Cégep de Sainte-Foy in 1992 where she works only in free space at his request.

His concentration on his act of creation is fragile, lonely for creation is needed. She will perfect his art, never satisfied with the result. It is nevertheless determined to move forward in this highway is art. However, she feels the need to have some experience - some experience of life - before embarking in this field professionally.

In 1994, two requests for program in hand, the artist in the making through the door of Laval University and enrolled in graphic communication and leave aside temporarily the Visual Arts program. During his BA, it is often found outside the offices of the arts; she dreams to be there. This is in graphic design and editing, as well as drawing from observation, she performs the most. It gets very interesting contracts in his native region, the visual Cap-à l'Aigle town lilacs and the image of the range of cosmetic Charlevoix mes Amours.

In 1999, she returned to Baie-Saint-Paul. Despite her success as a graphic designer, she finds time to juggle more personal projects; it produced several sculptures in two years and between gallery. Clarence Gagnon Art Gallery in Montreal and the International Art Gallery in Quebec will take in 2001. It also adheres to the Corporation of Charlevoix Art Crafts (CMAC) in 2002. She furthered his skills by taking a additional training patina on the surface of metals and training casts and polishing stones.

At age 28, she is facing a harsh reality: a day is only 24 hours. She made a choice. She will abandon graphics and dedicate himself to the visual arts. Then she takes the name of Hermine. It participates in Festivart Symposium Quebec, Manene Military in 2003 and exhibited his sculptures in Naples, Florida and Vancouver. In 2005, she joined the Circle of Artists Painters and Sculptors of Quebec (CAPSQ) and in 2006 at the International Academy of Fine Arts of Quebec (AIBAQ). It wins awards and honors for his work in 2007 and 2009.

In 2006, Hermine, started a family. The time she has to reconcile art and family hardly leaves him time to create in the studio. Pregnant with her second child, she made her first solo exhibition and enjoy this event to inform the public that it will slow her career to renew its production. Moving forward, it touches on photography and exhibits in the region with Light Image Corporation of Charlevoix. Meanwhile, she participated in group exhibition in New York, Brazil, Quebec and France, where she exhibits sculptures.

In 2008, Hermine is received interview at the exhibition Young Masters Charlevoix in Charlevoix Museum in La Malbaie. An article appears in the journal Magazin (no. 79). In 2010, she obtained a section in the book Art "Nude", published by Editions Patou in Paris, and an article in Spectrum Artist in New York in 2011. In 2012, it is listed at Drouot Quotes (edition Larousse) by Christian Sorriano of Paris.

In 2014 HERMINE escapes from his studio and painted his children. Since life is ongoing. She is happy in her mother's life and his artistic life. Several very interesting exhibitions, including three in France and one in New York will take place in 2016. Diving in the life she has carefully prepared over time, HERMINE discovers the ease she wanted to paint is that resonates in she, in the vast universe of painting.



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