Stephan Muis

Artist based in The Netherlands. Works with an assortment of materials like wood, led, bronze. Recurring themes are loss of innocence and our fear of death.


Portfolio Stephan Muis

Portfolio of Duch artist Stephan Muis

Fear “Fear”

Handpainted MDF with LED

Lust “Lust”

Handpainted MDF with LED

Greed “Greed”

Handpainted MDF with LED

The Fifth Day “The Fifth Day”

Five Gasmasks with LED. The filters are guilded with goldleaf

Seven “Seven”

Seven medicine boxes filled with the seven sins

Addict “Addict”

Oilfilled Injection Bottles on a mirror base.

Too many martyrs “Too many martyrs”

Metal cross filled wit more than a thousand nails, surrounded by white neon.

My glittering price “My glittering price”

Bronze heads on deerboards