Enzo Dell'acqua

Enzo Dell'Acqua

Location: Italy

Born in Milan on May 21, 1966, graduated from the scientific high school, he attended architecture studies at the Milan Polytechnic. He currently lives in Angera, a small village in northern Italy. He has been photographing for over 30 years. His photographic works have been exhibited in many international events such as New York Weeks, Art Basel, Venice Art expo. He exhibits and is awarded with international prizes such as "Van Gogh" and "Cristoforo Colombo Award".


Pin Art 2016

... I do not take a picture of what I see , I take a picture of my imagination , my ideas , my thoughts , my troubles . I actualize the moment of a shot , now past, renewing it through the mind of the viewer , so it can be again in movement and return to be idea.

Questo non è Magritte (This is not Magritte) “Questo non è Magritte (This is not Magritte)”

Master painted " This is not a pipe " . I didn't want to do a remake of a picture, I wanted to talk about the discourse on the ego , body and image, which I read in an original Magritte , updating it to the present day, to see how much is left and how much has changed since last century to today . An invitation to see the magnificent original and discover through it , how the new world of the image is influencing and changing us, while the real world , remains bitterly equal and increasingly alien.

Piccolo grande Mondrian (Little big Mondrian) “Piccolo grande Mondrian (Little big Mondrian)”

There is a strong link between the perception of beauty in the purity of colors and lines and that of a body made ??of colors and three-dimensional lines , which can alter the proportions of what we see exalting them . The model, in balance on the lines , wants to create a vanishing point to drag us into the framework , to expand it all around us .


A photographic journey that exploits the "grammar" of the image. The meaning is conjugated between title and photographic work, and is of a social kind, pertaining to the custom, to religion, to the contradictions, weaknesses and strengths of Western civilization.

Sacro e profano “Sacro e profano”

Divided between corporality and spirituality. What is the border?

Atlantide “Atlantide”

The peak of beauty is always one step away from its decay. It is an unrepeatable moment, like the last act of a myth.

Macchina per lanciare gli aeroplani ed asciugare la lattuga mentre si beve il thè “Macchina per lanciare gli aeroplani ed asciugare la lattuga mentre si beve il thè”

Homage to the artist Paolo Munari. It is a "useless machine" that launches paper planes and dries lettuce while drinking tea. In reality it is photography itself that is a useless, extremely complex machine, which makes things even more complex, although useless. A metaphor of our society that offers us an enormous useless complexity, anesthetizing reality.