Patrizia Dottori

patrizia dottori

Location: Italy

Born in Rome, I due my training to: Law and Photography, with Massimo Stefanutti (Laboratori Visivi) on 2011; Studio 10a, on 2008; David Harvey (TPW), on 2005 and 2006; Graffiti Association and Graffiti, on 1998-1999; Videoambiente by Antonio Pluchino, from 1999, for cinema, photography and Teory of Colour by Luscher; Pentaprisma, by Stefano Carofei; Roberta Filippi, painter; Photomania, by Stefano Gioia; medium format with Giancarlo Berluti.
I live between Rome and Buenos Aires and I exhibit, from 1990 up to now, in Italy and abroad, including Budapest, New York, Teheran, Havana, Instanbul, Barcellona, Genova, Turin, Rome, Buenos Aires and others.
2015: Los Angeles, IPA One shot, 2 Honorable Mentions with PATISHERE (home, perception; home, place); London, Licc, 2 Honorable Mentions with IPAT and REDLIVINGPEPPER; Mosca, MIFA Awards, 1 2 Honorable Mention with REDLIVINGPEPPER; Beverly Hills, International Color Award, nomination with MELTING PAT OPPA FASE 1: CITY AND COLOURS - EUROPE; 2014: Los Angeles, IPA Competition, 2 Honorable Mentions with MELTINGPAT: E IDENTYTY PASSPORT; 2013: Verona, 2013 Woman of Marble Award and Milano; shortlist at "Lo Sguardo di GiULiA" ("Call it violence not love") for LAPIDES; Los Angeles, 4 Special Mentions for WOODBERG, MOTHER&LAND E AMERICANA BREAKFAST TABLE SET; "Art in Lazio region 2013" awards with AMERICANA BREAKFAST TABLE SET; 2012: IPA Competition, Los Angeles, Special Mentions CUBA ON THE WALL; Beverly Hills, Black&White Spider Awards, Nomination CUBA CHE CUORE; 2011: New York Master Cup Nomination AMERICANA BREAKFAST TABLE SET; LA IPA Competition 2 Special Mentions CAMMINACONME and MIRROR, YOU ARE MY SECRET; Paris, PX3, Silver Medal SHINENBERGS’10 TOUCHABLE|AS|UNTOUCHABLE; Paris, PX3 Official selections LAPIDES, MOONSHINING, THE OTHER FACE OF THE SKIN, CAMMINACONME, VIA CRUCIS; “Tokyo International Award” Critics Award and High Stylistic Value Award LAPIDES; 2010: Capalbio, 1st Prize FIREBERGS'08 HOT|AS|ICE and SHINENBERGS’10 TOUCHABLE|AS|UNTOUCHABLE; Paris, PX3 2 Special Mentions LIVING THE APPLE and HAPPY BIRTHDAY REGIONS; LA IPA Competition 6 Special Mentions SHINENBERGS’10 TOUCHABLE|AS|UNTOUCHABLE, THE OTHER FACE OF THE SKIN, MOONSHINING, VIA CRUCIS and LIVING THE APPLE; 2009: London, LICC Shortlist FIREBERGS'08 HOT|AS|ICE; LA IPA Competion 4 Special Mentions AMERICANA BREAKFAST TABLE SET, ROME-TEHERAN A/R, PATISHERE; Milan, PhotoBook HP Indigo Prize FIREBERGS'08 HOT|AS|ICE and FIREBERG THE BEGINNING; Paris, PX3 People's Choice Awards Second prize FIREBERGS'08 HOT|AS|ICE; 2008: Paris, PX3 4 Special Mentions for PATISHERE, CUBA ON THE WALL, AWAITING, 60 YEARS OF ITALIAN CONSTITUTION; LA IPA Competion 7 Special Mentions FIREBERGS'08 HOT|AS|ICE, FIREBERG THE BEGINNING and PATISHERE; 2007: LA IPA Competion Special Mention DEITIES TRIBUTES; 2005: Florence, Galleria Centro Storico Special Mention for the exhibition at GALLERIA ESART, Barcellona; 2003: Florence, Galleria Centro Storico Award of Culture for MIZAR
2002: London, Paisley Colour Photographic Club Official Selection for the annual calendar; Ferrara, Roberto Puviani publishing house Alba Prize; 2000: Verbano, Associated Nomination at the International Academy Greci Marino; Paris, PHOTO, Special Contest Official Selection; 1997: Trevi, First Prize Trevi Flash Art Museum Official Selection for PENOMBRA



"Lapis, lapidis. Stone, earth, nature, woman. Beauty and power suggesting the strong resistance against those who try to suppress the thought. The stones, thrown out of fear of beauty, are the same as transmitting the energy to fight. The stones sparkle, flying ghosts, light and soul live in freedom.." (pd)
Lapides began as work on women: a dress that evokes the beauty and feminine, but without a body, it is a right denied and stones, nature, make it alive the desire for freedom. Lapides is the answer: the stones that do not want to be thrown, which does not want to kill the beauty that sometimes scares, and that triggers uncontrollable anger. And as it relates to stone, nature, and therefore to the motherland, Lapides is the answer to all the human and social rights.
"Look, talk, walk with me" ...
I was looking for a virtual place, which would allow people to embrace common thoughts, those for whom history has sown heroes, for small and large human rights.
Thus was born, on the occasion of the event of 13 February 2011 (If not now when?), a blog supported by associations, photographers and ordinary people. It is related to performance on human rights and social events. A hundred postcards are printed with a picture of Lapides to which is added the graphics of the event, and are distributed during the event: "I'll give you a postcard, I take your picture, I'll put you on the blog". Following the pictures to people with the card are "posted" on the blog, an effective way of communication, which until now has about 8,000 visits.
But Lapides also needs physical places, from those in which women are massacred: printed and displayed on granite, or placed in public places, where those rights are violated, as a plaque on which we can ideally place the memory and pain, and also the claim that beauty exists and it is the richness of our lives.
Lapides is earth, nature is the stone which shines on our path towards a better world.