Mario Carini

Mario Carini

Location: Canada

Now retired, Mario is devoting full time to his love of digitally inspired art. His art appears on,Deviant Art and Pinterest. Through his remaining years he hopes his art will inspire others to be what they can become. Do what you love to do and the money will follow.



A pictorial of abstracts created using several media and digital applications that include Apophysis, Ultra Fractal, Filter Forge, Gimp among others. If it`s an abstract, it's here.

Vasarely Circles “Vasarely Circles”

This image was created using Filter Forge and Dynamic Auto Painter. It was tweaked several times using Paint Shop Pro. It has a hypnotic appeal with its bright colors and reflects the art of Victor Vasarely and his optical art.

Grand Embellishments “Grand Embellishments”

This is a composition of various elements created in Filter Forge, Ultra Fractal. The oval shape of this abstract and the border were created using Paint Shop Pro.

Mysterious Semblance of Unreality “Mysterious Semblance of Unreality”

Abstract composition that began as an image created with Gliftex. It's but a fraction of the original image, but it was tweaked through Paint Shop Pro with added filters to give it a pregnant look.

Vasarely Squares “Vasarely Squares”

Vasarely is known for his images that appear to exit from the page. This image was created using Pop Art Studio and composed using Paint Shop Pro.

Gliftex Abstract “Gliftex Abstract”

Gliftex is a pattern generator that can create some unique style. A flood fill was added with drop shadow using Paint Shop pro.

Graphic Illustrations

These images were created from various sources that include clip art, collages drawn illustrations and others.

Flight of the Geese “Flight of the Geese”

Flight of the Geese is a stylized clip art image. It went through various stages of development using a number of applications that include Filter Forge, Dynamic Auto Painter. Most of its creation was performed using Paint Shop Pro. It is currently for sale as a print, greeting card, shower curtaint, duvet cover and phone cases for Ipads.

Floral Watercolors “Floral Watercolors”

A watercolor was added to this clip art image giving it a watercolor style. The subtle colors mix with the simplicity of color and form. You can almost smell the fragrance.

Inspiratti “Inspiratti”

The graphic illustration was a fractal image. It supports the text which illustrates that all people have the same potential. They are gods, but before they can manifest perfection, they must bring out that perfection by dispensing with the false ideas they have come to accept as truth.

Jukebox Galaxy “Jukebox Galaxy”

It's the divine jukebox of endless music for your listening pleasure. Insert a coin and listen to the strains of cosmic sprituality while u watch the light show of the universe flash before your eyes. It's the ultimate in sensual pleasure.

Castle in an Art Deco Sky “Castle in an Art Deco Sky”

The basic image was created years ago. It was resurrected and given an application with Filter Forge. The art deco frame was added using Paint Shop Pro.

On Screen Honeymousers “On Screen Honeymousers”

A cartoon caricature of the Honeymooners that appeared on national television with Jackie Gleason and Audrey Meadows. This is the comic version as appeared in the Honeymousers, a takeoff of the television series. A screen was added to the image turned black and white.

Fractal Artistry

Fractal Artistry is all about fractals created using a number of applications. The majority were created with Ultra Fractal with a minimum of post work. Other fractals were created from Apophysis,KPT,Filter Forge Xenodream and Incendia.

The Meditative Buddha “The Meditative Buddha”

It's meditation Ultra Fractal style.

Fractal Illumination “Fractal Illumination”

This image was created using Ultra Fractal. The triangular designs are meant to point toward the light that illuminates the complexity of the image which represents the soul and the purpose of all mankind to become more than what they are capable of.

Mandala Hypnotic “Mandala Hypnotic”

The mandala itself was created using Gliftex, a pattern generator program. It was then adjusted using Filter Forge and completed in Paint Shop Pro to give it a hypnotic quality.

Fractal Visions “Fractal Visions”

A fractal created using Ultra Fractal and completed in Paint Shop Pro.

Quilt Deluxe “Quilt Deluxe”

It's a quilt with many patched hues. An image initially created in Ultra Fractal, it was enhanced using Fractalius to bring out the colors and a mystical effect.

Photo Artistry

Photos digitally modified

The Old Abandoned Sawmill “The Old Abandoned Sawmill”

Sequestered among the ruins of old Merrickville by the banks of the Rideau River lies this old mill No longer in use it remains abandoned as it steadily deteriorates with the passing of time.

Sandstone Sculptures at the Edge of the Shore “Sandstone Sculptures at the Edge of the Shore”

These natural sculptures were carved by nature as they sit just off the beach. Enhanced by wild brush strokes created in Filter Forge and post work created with PaintShop Pro.

Cabins Under the Milky Way “Cabins Under the Milky Way”

The Milky Way above makes this image on a number of cabins a comfort for relaxation. The image was modified with applications from Foto Sketcher and Dynamic Auto Painter. Post work and finishing in Paint Shop Pro.

The Relaxed Coule “The Relaxed Coule”

An early work that received custom brush style using Dynamic Auto Painter. Post work was completed in Paint Shop pro.

Artistic Nudes

Nude art created using several graphic programs, plugins and filters. These are tasteful images with an artistic blend.

The Bottlecap Rose Girl “The Bottlecap Rose Girl”

She loves to be out in nature, picking flowers to grace the kitchen table for the family to enjoy. Here she needs not to hide her own beauty as she blends in with everything that is wholly natural.

Natural Woman “Natural Woman”

A photo that was given two modifications with Filter Forge and Dynamic Auto Painter. Post work in Paint Shop Pro.

The Matron “The Matron”

A photo modified using Foto Sketcher, Filter Forge and Dynamic Auto Painter. Post work in Paint Shop Pro.