Alphonse Lane

Alphonse Lane

Was Born outside of Philadelphia in the suburb of Bryn Mawr in 1961. All his life what appealed to him was the desire to take photographs and to make visual imagery. He attended the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. By 2004 he had acquired a C.F.A. from PAFA, a B.F.A. from the University of Pennsylvania and an M.F.A. from PAFA. He has numerous awards, such as the Alexander Prize from PAFA, The Micro Museum Curators Choice Award, as well as awards from the Wayne Art Center and The Artist Equity Society Award. Most recently he has been awarded the runner up in the $50,000 world artist grant competition..

When he speaks of his floral work he describes them as distillations of visual thought from a passionate study and examination which bought about images neither real nor unreal they are best describe as self conjured. He is now venturing into the somewhat abstract imagery of Portraits that he has entitled "My Friend Pablo - The Kiss Series".


My Friend Pablo, The Kiss Series

These Series of images from the most recent is a departure from the Flower Series of the last 20 Years. I have ventured out into a difficult area a "Heads" or Portraits. This series of Heads are titled, "My friend Pablo ~ The Kiss Series". I identify with this series as they are reminiscent of a kiss within a relationship in the same vision of Rodin and other Artists. I will also include Floral works that continue in my genre as I still create them.

"My friend Pablo ~ The Kiss Series", Study “"My friend Pablo ~ The Kiss Series", Study”

This is the original Drawing for the large "My Friend Pablo ~ The Kiss Series", Study #1. Size is much smaller than the large oil and this work is Water Color on Heavy Paper with Varnish, 22.5" X 22".

Flora ~ Red Explosion “Flora ~ Red Explosion ”

Large Painting 48" X"36, with a beautiful atmospheric background in a Blue Violet, with a vividly strong Red Flora.

"My friend Pablo ~ The Kiss Series" Study “"My friend Pablo ~ The Kiss Series" Study”

This is the first image to depart from for a larger work of the "Kiss Series". Again it is Water Color on Heavy Paper with varnish. This study will be made larger in the future as it has been an inspiration to follow to larger series.