A Warsama

A Warsama is a jeweler & designer based in London.
The Artist background in Art, Design and graduated with a
Ba (hons) in 3D Design Craft. One of the subjects Amal studied was jewellery and fell in love with the craftsmanship of jewellery making. Amal then took her passion for design in her jewellery pieces.

Amal has always been drawn to history & art. The interest in history began, by staring at a lady in desert with camels, which was a beautiful old painting hanging in their living room from her childhood years,owned by her mother.

Amal always looked into history & art even when not looking for inspiration. She finds that the traditional craftsmanship is lost, Amal therefore hand design and handmade the pieces herself.

During her final year at university,they were allowed to create their own projects. Amal choose to study the Ancient Egyptian history, legacies & artifacts. She created a piece that was inspired by the step pyramid. It was the moment when Amal saw her creation as a whole that the birth of Ancient jewellery began. It stirred her to create jewellery pieces where she can express her love for history in her own unique way.

A Warsama has an appreciation for beauty and aims to add more beauty to the world with her unique creation.



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