Daniela Piani Serra

daniela piani serra

Location: Italy

Daniela Piani Serra was born in Castiadas (CAGLIARI) and lives in the city of Cagliari from 35 years.
She began painting by herself and later studying drawing and oil painting in the private art school “Artemisia” in the years from 2008 to 2013.
She paints in oil and acrylic.
Currently she is part of a group with the teacher Sergio Contu.
She attended 7 Group shows with the school Artemisia in Cittadella dei Musei (2006/2013), Caglìari.
2010: Workshop with the teacher Massimo Corazza, Cagliari.
2011 e 2012: Workshop in the Festival "Alig Art", Cagliari.
2011: Group show in “Creative Contest”, Cagliari, with her pictures: con “The lovers” e “The Carousel” .
2012: Exhibition in Greenwich Cinema, (Cagliari).
2014: Group show in “ Villacidrarte”, Sardinia.
Group show with 3 pictures in “Autumn in the city: RED colour!”: “Ambiguity”, “Born under the sign of Cancer” and “The gift”.
The picture “Ambiguity” had been the first after a vote between 35 pictures of the show.
Group show in D&D art Cafè, Quartu (CA). Her picture “The lovers” is the most voted.
Exhibition in D&D Art Cafè, Quartu S. E. (CA).
Group show in “Fallo ad arte” in Salotto dell’Arte, Cagliari.
Group show in “Seminiamo Arte”, Budoni (OT)
Group show in “Miniarte” in Salotto dell’Arte, Cagliari



bodies, hugs, umanity.

ambiguity “ambiguity”

Three sisters? three lovers? we don't know..

Brothers “Brothers”

a big hug, the major protect the minor

waiting time “waiting time”

two womans are waiting with faith