Danila Pasini

danila PAsini

Location: Italy

I live from Parma (Italy). I paint from 2003. I attended the Bottega d'Arte di Gianni Melegari, initially playing images I struck. Now photographer subjects and environments and then paint them.

2006/02–Mostra collettiva “Lunare” – Filippini Cornici Parma

2007/06 Mostra personale "Emozioni" all'Atelier 34, B.go Felino Parma.

06/05/2007 Collettiva d'arte "AnimalArte e dintorni..." il cui ricavato è andato in beneficienza, presso atelier34 borgo Felino 34 Parma .

2009/06/9 Mostra collettiva "Canzoni Dipinte" tributo a De Andrè Colorno -Parma

2010/07 Mostra personale "Se voglio posso volare" presso il circolo Castellazzo Parma.

2010/09 Mostra Collettiva "omaggio a Fellini" Galleria Art Emilia Parma.

2013/05 Mostra Collettiva "6 Colori" presso Audiomedica Via Repubblica Parma.

2014/07-08 Esposizione "Artistika" Evento culturale Artistico presso Traversetolo (PR)

2015/04 Personale "Binario3" presso Libreria Mondadori -Eurotorri- Parma (PR)


Binario 3

Chi ragass “Chi ragass”

In this picture I wanted to photograph and then paint a group of guys sitting on a dock waiting for a train to some kind of trip.

Begin to travel “Begin to travel”

I was sitting in the train to bologna to return to parma and saw this group of Japanese girls with trolley and maps departing along with me, I could not photograph and paint that atmosphere of freshness and curiosity.


In spiaggia 2 “In spiaggia 2”

A group of children find themselves watching a prey in a bucket and an adult bent over the beach. Their reflection on the water's edge, all with strong and pure colors.

In spiaggia 1 “In spiaggia 1”

I exhumed a picture of a vacation, in Italy in the eighties, where I run with a hat on my head, together with my family. The original photo was distorted by the shades that I wanted to change to make the atmosphere more ethereal

In spiaggia 3 “In spiaggia 3”

I represented youth the vital momentum through a group leap