Serge Michel Nef

Serge Michel NEF

Location: France

Hi ! Welcome on my profile. I'm a french artist living in Paris. My art comes from a mix between martial art practise for 30 years, on the internal ernergy field of work such as Qi Gong and thetraditional french classic work such as pen and charcoal but also pastel drawing, ink, watercolor and oil painting, after what I decided to work with acrylic and express my art with mixed medias. The thematics of this set is the sense of unification that an individual should improve in his daily life to concetrate his acuities and natural strength and power.
Qi gong allow anybody to become a link in nature, link between space and earth...between face and heart...control of emotion, imrprovment of skills and capability to appropriate natural magnetism from nature and display it from one's own body to the environment. My art is a direct and sincere expression of my internal way of life...Love !!!!


sephirotic totem

My art is an overview on subtle, occult and mystic aspect of life, I practise Qi Qong for years and through this way of life I appreciate human and nature vibration. I humbly, sincerely want to communicate my internal vibe through my art

red sun “red sun”

an allegory to the sun becoming more red because of its increasing power due to the steadily progressive integration of small suns that are human and so called OBELISC or ray of original sun.


ENSOPH as no limit, dimension don't exist, en -soph is nothing and all among and in everything...HUMAN is the average or medium in this unlimited concept..all in human is anolic with the universe, the energy of a human cannot avoid to belong to universe....each of us is an obelisc who is able to bright such as the sun of GOD....This piece of art express HERMES TRISMEGISTE


This masterpiece was exhibited at the " GRAND PALAIS of PARIS " in Salon ART CAPITAL
Size: in the environ of 25" x 18"


This masterpiece is a reference to kabbalistic edification of human spirituality....Size in the environ of 33 x 20"...this artwork was exhibited at the " GRAND PALAIS of PARIS...Salon Art Capital in 2017....