Marcial Pontillas

marcial pontillas

Location: Guam

Marcial Pontillas was born and raised in the Philippines, and moved to Guam in 2011. He is a former Fine Arts College Professor at the Far Eastern University in Manila from 2000 to 2010 and a multi-award winning artist, he had different art exhibitions local and international. Marcial is a conceptual artist who continues to explore the human spirit with the claustrophobic humanscapes as its metaphor. Aside from paintings, Marcial makes sculptures, installation, and video. His works reflect his sensitivity towards the urban life's seemingly suffocating existence. In the traffic congestion of human bodies and machines, the "Worst" of our species seems to manifest and fester. However, is this chaos a part of the cycles of transcendence, our search for “Worht”.


Mixed Media Art

This mixed media art project is the evolution of composition with traditional medium vs. found mediums and objects. The theme is all about Wort-Worth Worth-Worst happening in a humanity time vs. nature.