Marion Timmermans

Marion's life is all about creativity and the beautifull things that surrounds her

Its for her very important to catch the typical characteristics of a person in the portrait view.

This is her way to make a person speak to the imagination of others.
Inspirational for her is also what she sees in her yourneys , sounds, colours and odeurs inspire here to new work.


My latest work

My work involves the heritage we discover in our parents homes when the are passed away.
A lot of stuff that was dear to them we don’t know what to do with it.
So that why I make sculptures of the old tools of my ancestors.
Also I use driftwood and beach finds as an assembly to my ceramics.
Worthless to some precious to me because of the memories that hang around them.

Sea fairy “Sea fairy ”

Stone from Cornwall’s mines a seashell and some ceramics added to it.

Sfinx “Sfinx ”

Wood and seashell and a ceramic face

Cherished “Cherished ”

If you cherish me I can be very friendly to you because I am a bronze that takes over you body temperature and so I am very pleasant to hold.
Bronze in series of 12 casted

Half and half “Half and half ”

Driftwood and a ceramic sculpture added to it. You are never one person in you, you’re always more than that.

Frowning “Frowning ”

I am frowning but that doesn’t say I am angry.
Wood and a ceramic sculpture on a steel stand.

Resigned “Resigned ”

Driftwood and a ceramic sculpture.
Sometimes you have to resign.