Dagur Jonsson

Dagur Jonsson

Location: Iceland

I have always considered myself an artistic person and I have always been involved in art in one way or another. Photographing is an exciting form of expression for me and I love capturing everyday moment with a moody feeling to it. For me the storytelling of a photo is very important and I try to connect with people’s emotion through my photography. Subjects like Landscapes with dramatic clouds, captivating sunlight’s, moody winter scene and the beautiful Northern Lights are a special interest to me.

My work can be categorized into four themes. Winter in Iceland, Sunsets, Northern Lights and Icelandic Landscape where I try to add to my objects subjects like open roads, lonely houses, wide areas and abandon places. Something that reminds people of the beauty of isolation and being alone in nature.

The Brick Lane Gallery in London was the host of my first show earlier this year. This winter my work will be exhibited at Venice, Palazzo Ca’ Zanardi and Venice Art House Gallery as part of FUTURE LANDSCAPES, It’s LIQUID International Art and Architecture Festival, at Galleria De Marchi in Bologna as part of Little Treasures 2016, at BIAF 106 international Art Fair in Barcelona and finally at PAKS Gallery in the Castle Hubertendorf & Palais Werndl in Steyr/ Austria.

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My Iceland

Iceland is a photographers heaven and here are few art works that I have recently done.

Aurora and the cottage “Aurora and the cottage”

Northern lights is something we here in Iceland often see and this one was hovering over my cottage last winter.

Ice Rocks at Jokulsarslon “Ice Rocks at Jokulsarslon”

Everyone that visit Iceland must go to Jokulsarslon and try to capture the icy rocks over there.

Arnardrangar at Kirkjufjara “Arnardrangar at Kirkjufjara”

On the south coast of Iceland you have this stunning cliff at Kirkjufjara beach which is a must visit place.

Mount Vestrahorn “Mount Vestrahorn”

My favorite mountain in Iceland is mount Vestrahorn which located closed to the town of Hofn on the southeast corner of Iceland.

Red sunset “Red sunset”

We often get red sunset during the mid summer here in Iceland and this one was captured at Grandabot seashore in Reykjavik

Road to nowhere “Road to nowhere”

During the winter our road often leads us nothing though the scenery can look nice.

Pathway to the lonely house “Pathway to the lonely house”

our environment often looks lonely and isolated during the mid winter and this was no exception.

Road towards the sunset “Road towards the sunset”

It is a nice feeling being on the road driving towards a sunset on the horizon.