Jennifer Kivari

Jennifer Kivari

Location: Canada

Jennifer Kivari

Inspired art-Mosaic compositions
Kivari Studio
Metchosin, BC Canada
(250) 474-7403

I create mosaic and bricolage compositions from the inside out, allowing my unconscious voice to direct my message while consciously stretching traditional techniques. I incorporate unexpected recycled and organic materials which flow together in layers of depth, clarity and streams of consciousness.
Artistic expression, creative recycling and an organic approach to living is evident throughout our home and gardens. Inspirations are waiting amongst our ‘hayloft gallery’ on the farm.
I reside with my husband, two children, dog, cat, chickens, ducks and peacocks in Metchosin, BC Canada.
This award-winning artwork reflects and highlights the beauty in the world around us, and has been featured throughout Vancouver Island, the Lower Mainland, Canada, Peru and the United States of America.


Contemporary Mosaics/Bricolage of Jennifer Kivari

Indoor-33” x 49” x 2”
Light-up art!
Medium: Iridescent glass tiles, stained glass ,textured glass, glass jelly molds, glass serving platter, glass gems, glass bottle, glass light covers, glass starfish, mirror, copper tubing, copper electrical wire, copper pennies, cast metal, found objects, abalone jewelry, diochroic glass beads, paint, paper, confetti, glitter.

Inspiration: With my children out of school for their summer holiday and my next mosaic project about to commence, I wanted to create a piece which could include participation from both of them. We decided on a mermaid, one which could incorporate the beautiful teal green hues of various objects which have been gathered. Included also were a fish platter and seashell jelly molds which were used for her breasts and tummy. The exciting part of this project was the 2000 pennies which were flattened by trains, resulting in many bike rides to and from the tracks throughout the summer! Every trip we kept our finger crossed that our money was successfully flattened and also not discovered by other “track walkers”! This iridescent beauty also includes cutouts in the mosaic base which allows natural or artificial light to shine through the various glass pieces which emphasizes the form of the mermaid as she would appear down in the blue depths of the ocean.
Transcendence- becoming something more than you were before by uniting yourself with something greater; going beyond…

Martin Luther King- I Have a Dream “Martin Luther King- I Have a Dream”

I Have a Dream…
Indoor-11” x 31”
Medium: Stain glass, vitreous glass, recycled safety glass, glass gems, hand crafted beads, mirror, steel line, jewelry, paint, ephemeras, confetti, glitter.
Inspiration: This piece of art was created after watching the Oprah show honoring Martin Luther King Jr., which featured children of all color reciting his incredibly powerful 1963 speech, I Have A Dream. It really touched me, and I cried. (My children see me do that a lot when I watch Oprah!)
“I have a dream that my four children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character. I have a dream today.” –Martin Luther King Jr.

Peacock- Last Dance at Sunset “Peacock- Last Dance at Sunset”

Peacock- Last Dance at Sunset
Children’s Choice/People’s Choice Awards at 2005 Sooke Fine Art Show
Indoor-4 feet by 4 feet
Stained glass, vitreous glass, glass gems and squiggles, mirror, shattered safety glass, jewels/old jewelry, copper, cast metal, peacock feathers, ephemeras, text, paint, glitter, and beading.
The inspiration for this proud bird was sparked from observing our own peacocks that have resided on our farm for the last four years. These spectacularly plumaged birds are fascinating to watch, learning about their courtship and sexual dance performed for the female, and the different calls and their meanings (sorry neighbors!). As my family studied these birds it became clear we had to figure out a way to capture the luminescent brilliance of their feathers. If you change the view angle and lighting, they change colors, almost like a hologram. By adding the feathers under glass, it added so much depth, flow and realism to the overall piece. These birds are so pompous and adorned, so the more jewels sparkle and glitz the better!
It is said that finding a peacock feather brings good luck, harmony, serenity, piece of mind, relaxation and protection. During the summer months when the males start dropping feathers, our farm becomes a treasure hunt for any children who come over for a visit. They are so delighted to bring home a prized feather!