Location: Italy

Born in Genoa on July, 13rd.
Winner of VI Gran Premio Belle arti Milano, Sept 2016;
Pictures Exibition: Genoa, Venice, Rome, Bruxelles, Paris (Feb 2017), Turin and many others.


Parallel Universes

Zombies, sirens and witches in the Uruk Land “Zombies, sirens and witches in the Uruk Land”

Acrylic on canvas, dim 80x30, oct 2016

Celestial Tale “Celestial Tale”

Acrylic on canvas, dim 100x90, mar 2012

Overlying Eastern/Maya Worlds “Overlying Eastern/Maya Worlds”

Mixed media on paper and canvas, 40x60, 2016

Astral Guru Unquiet Lake “Astral Guru Unquiet Lake”

Acrylic on canvas, dim 80x60, oct 2016

Acid Hypnotic Swamp “Acid Hypnotic Swamp”

Acrilic on canvas, dim 60x40 cm, 2005