Stefan Bleekrode

Stefan Bleekrode, aged 30 and from The Netherlands recreates from memory his impressions of cities throughout Europe and North America. Already at the age of 10, after a visit to Paris he began reproducing the towns and buildings he had seen on holidays in small pencil drawings. Being entirely self taught, over the years he developed a characteristic, highly detailed style all of his own lifting his images up way beyond being a simple panorama of each of the cities he likes to draw. He has exhibited his work regularly since 2006 in The Netherlands, The UK, Swizterland and Belgium and since 2014 he's being represented by one of Holland's foremost art dealers.



The cityscape drawings, drawn from memory in pen and ink with added watercolour for shading. Seen in a bird's eye perspective, each drawing meticulously captures the distinctive architecture and atmosphere of the city depicted.

New York City at Night “New York City at Night”

A view over Manhattan from the west towards Madison Square after dark. The Empire State building can be seen on the left. Ink and watercolour, 37x56cm, 2013.

London Terminus “London Terminus”

An imaginary great Victorian railway station and trainyard in London. Ink and watercolour, 30x40cm, 2012.

Spaccanapoli “Spaccanapoli”

Spaccanapoli, or 'split Naples' shows the ancient centre of Naples, split by a narrow mainstreet in Italy with the famous Vesuvius in the background. Ink and watercolour, 43x30cm, 2014.

The Metropolis “The Metropolis”

An imaginary metroplis based on New York, London, Paris and many others. It may very well be, in terms of architecture and urban layout halfway between America and Europe, see the bridges and skyscrapers right next to elegant Parisian facades? About 700 hours of work. Ink and watercolour, 70x115cm, 2013-2014.

Broadway and 5th “Broadway and 5th”

Madison Square and surrounding area in Manhattan seen from the north. I very much like this area because of the imposing buildings and busy streets round the clock. About 120 working hours. Ink and watercolour 45x40cm, 2013.

Market Square “Market Square”

An ancient market square surrounded by gothic and renaissance buildings in a Belgian town. Ink and watercolour, 20x21cm, 2015.


Besides the drawings I also regularly work in watercolour. I very much enjoy building my watercolours using a the so called drybrush technique.
The topics and ideas worked out in these pieces often also initiate work on a cityscape drawing. It usually takes between 20 to 70 hours to complete each piece presented here.

Boulevard at Night. “Boulevard at Night.”

A view from a passing bus on it's way through a strange city. Watercolour, 56x75cm, 2008.

Subway “Subway”

A quiet subway station briefly glimpsed from a passing express train. Watercolour, 56x75cm, 2014.

London Sunset “London Sunset”

The colourful end of a short, chilly December day seen from Holland Park in West London. Watercolour, 56x75cm, 2015.

Underground “Underground”

A subway train ready to depart a station. Watercolour on paper, 40x30cm, 2013.

Arrival “Arrival”

Arrival in a strange city just after dusk. Watercolour on paper, 56x75cm, 2007.

Summer in the Mountains “Summer in the Mountains”

Summertime high up in the mountains. A view into the great northern wilderness. Watercolour on paper 70x60cm, 2014.