Sana Khan

Sana Khan

Location: India

Sana Khan

Creativity has been a driving force in my life in every aspect of my life. The passion for creativity has shaped who I am as an artist today.

Though I undertook my studies in Science background, my passion towards art never dwindled. When I was young my passion was in landscapes, after discovering the works in the field of art, I gravitated towards works of emotions. Modern contemporary style of artwork nurtured my passion, shaped and guided my thoughts.

My inspiration comes from what surrounds us and as a contemporary artist I wish to reach beyond my canvas with energetic colors and uniquely portray liveliness and serenity. I want to appreciate the Mother Nature and its feelings. My focus is on creating spectacular art pieces taking inspiration from what is around us.

Events - 2016
2016 – Ongoing art exhibition at Raja Bhoj Airport, Bhopal
2016 - All India art competition- INFINTIY 2016- SILVER MEDAL IN ACRYLIC MEDIUM
2016 - National Group Exhibition- INFINITY - PARTICIPANT
2016- Conception contemporary Art Show, New York- PARTICIPANT


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