Boris Marinin

Boris Marinin

Location: Israel
Recently lives and works in Israel

2014 – 2016 - Master of Fine Arts (MFA) at Bezalel Academy of Art and Design
2009 - 2013 – Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA), screen based arts at Bezalel Academy of Art and Design

Honors and Awards:
2013 Award for academic excellence. Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem

Solo Exhibitions:
1.6.2016 - Final MFA show, Tel aviv. Israel
17.3.2016 - Into The Ether. Omer Tiroche Contemporary Art Gallery. Curated by Naomi Malka
28.1.2016 - Lethe. Hazit#3. salame 60 Tel Aviv Self curated
2.7.15 - Hotel Bezalel. Open studio. Tel Aviv, Abulafia 6
21.7.13 - Final Exhibition Bezalel Academy of Art and Design.

Group exhibitions:
29.9.2016 - Love Me Tender, Miriam Nissenholtz Gallery, Salame Street 60, Tel Aviv, Israel, Self curated
24.9.2016 - Neighborhood at Rishon Letzion Artist house, Israel. Curated by Vivian Birkenfeld.
28.8.2016 - "Hotel Europa" at Concordia Film | Theater | Expositie (Langestraat 56 Enschede, Netherlands)
29.6.2016 - Secret Art. Meni Haouse Leumi, Tel Aviv Israel. Curated by Esti Drori and Doron Polak
3.8.15 - Friend's voice. Aksandra Gallery Rishon Lezion town hall.
Curated by Ilana Landau and Vivian Hirsh Birkenfeld
7.5.2015 – Topsy Turvy. Tel Aviv. Israel. Curator Doron Furman
27.02.2015 – REPEAT. Rishon Letzion. Israel. Curator Jennifer Benady Bloch
29.12.2014 – Hataf Fatah. Rishon Letzion. Israel. Curator Vivian Hirsh
26.12.2014 – The Conversation. Tel Aviv. Israel. Curator Michal Tobiass
5.12.2013 – "Cherry" Culture Club, Tel Aviv. Israel Curator Merav Cohen Dor
21.8.13 – The owl, Tel Aviv. Israel. Curator Merav Cohen Dor
22.12.13 - David Yellin College. Curator Neta Alkahim
15.6.13 - Illusions - redeemed art and music. Old Jaffa. Curator Tzuf Prag

Video Art live performance, in collaboration with Noa Vax - percussion artist.
10.10.2013 –Ted x Jaffa
29.7.2013 – The International Conference of Judaism, Jerusalem.
24.4.2013 – Channel 1, Show Grandma Mami
20.4.2013 – Channel 1, Show Grandma Mami
4.6.2013 –Yellow Submarine, Jerusalem Israel.
1.6.2013 – Beit Hayotzer, Tel Aviv Israel.
26.12.2012 - TV show Maamakim. Channel 1
16.10.2012 – Beit Avi Hai, Jerusalem Israel.
23.8.2012 – ,The Oud Festival Tzavta, Tel Aviv Israel.
1.5.2012 - Yellow Submarine, Jerusalem Israel.
22.2.2012 - Woman Festival, Holon Israel.

Real time video art:
31.11.2015 - SAMSTAG || DJ Netta Zeevy VJ Boris Marinin
11.11.2015 - Kuli alma Tel Aviv Israel. With Simple Light
6.3.2014 – Saluna, Jaffa, Israel. With fusion 1721
1.3.2014 – Beit Hayotzer, Tel Aviv Israel..With fusion1721
21.2.2013 - Fetish Exhibition II, Kink. Tel Aviv
27.12.2012 - Fetish Exhibition, Kink. Tel Aviv
31.8.2012 - MuseNet, music/technology camp. Shfayim
20.6.2012 – Happening "Vanishing Point", Rishon Letzion
14.06.2012 – Happening "Vanishing Point", Tel Aviv
2.9.2011 – MuseNet, music/technology camp. Shfayim

Press mentions

Hotam Magazine Issue 11 "men" 2015

Haarez, about Bezalel final show, Galia Yahav

ARTiculAction Art Review Special edition 17.10.16

44 Degrees art magazine - Black and white 2013


Boris Marinin

I have always been considered an arcane foreigner, a psychopomp, feeling the ethereal tension. Breathing out, rather than holding air in. Passing beyond the veil. Observing many layers, like successive waves of water pushing each other. The ocean of under the physical.

I am calculating the ambivalence of a ponderous machine. Mentally reconstructing this ambience as art piece. Navigating the existence, digging for information. This is the ability to fluently communicate in conceptual sense with those things that are essentially beyond the reach of the five material senses.

My art attempts to discern the nature of things through the use of intelligent ethereal forms, that are not necessarily communicating on the material plain. I use addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Like a spirit of a warrior, who eats the flesh of his fallen foes in order to receive their properties. I communicate with the essence of the object in front of me. And manipulating myself so the object become alive.

There is a dog, who guards the entrance of the eridanus supervoid. In front of him there is our realm, Which have two layers: The first layer is simply above the earth and the second layer is the corpse of overwhelming sensitivity which exists beneath the earth.

My body is a mechanical construction, capable of caring for itself limited spans of time. I do not fear pain and the unknown. By drinking the ancient waters of Lethe, I forget correlationism. In order to turn into something which is still living yet resembles that which is dead. There is potential to lose yourself.

Boris Marinin