Kay Weber

Born in Hamburg, Germany.
Graduated with Master’s Degrees in Fine Arts at the HFBK - University of Fine Arts of Hamburg -
and Art Education at Hamburg University.

Developed cooperative art concepts and participated in artists exchange programs in France, Salzburg, Turkey and Brazil, where he taught experimental drawings at summer programs.
Set designed original plays for theaters in Hamburg & Berlin.
For over a decade Mr. Weber has been a Fine Arts Director at Boys & Girls Clubs of San Francisco.
He has been participating at the San Francisco Open Studios for two decades. He has been selected at many art shows with his intriguing and detailed paper cuttings.
For ten years he has been a member on the Board of Directors of ArtSpan as the chairman of the Open Studio Committee - until 2010. He is still an active member at Art for City Youth, organizing art literacy program, art workshops, museum tours and other activities intended to connect underserved inner-city youth with the local art community.

In 2003 he was recognized with the Annual Childcare Provider Award of California presented by State Senator Jackie Speier for his commitment on mentoring & inspiring children living in the Tenderloin neighborhood through art.
In 2015 Kay Weber has been awarded as an artist with the Hidden Gem of the Tenderloin Award by the Wildflower Institute/City of San Francisco.



Mythical Journeys in Cut Paper

Cutting paper is my passion! 
Like a sculptor, I envision the three dimensional aspect of the artwork within paper. Texture and color have to correspond with theme and image. 
Utilizing cuticle scissors and X-acto knife like utilizing a pencil, 
I draw within paper, creating my figurative artworks, which most of the time is inspired on mythologic themes or multi-cultural stories of folk tradition. 
All my works are handmade one-of-a-kind originals. 

Woman, Fish, Moon “Woman, Fish, Moon”

Inspired by a Celtic story about Talesien, this paper cutting talks about the spiritual power of women and the connectedness of the human spirit with nature.
It is famed in a shadow box frame.
20" x 20", 2014

The Guide “The Guide”

Paper cutting in four layers of handmade paper:

First layer: yellow
The protection spirit is sitting within the life cycle of creatures of nature, animals and mankind alike. He is holding the stick diagonal symbolizing protection. His pose is calm and relaxed showing his self-confidence. The tattoos on his body are showing his initiation and connection to the underworld:
The face tattoos of the Maori are a life long preparation for death and their spirits journey to the underworld. The face tattoos suppose to scare evil demons away to secure a safe arrival of their soul. Body tattoos are also powerful statements of life. In their detailed ornaments one can read social status and personal characteristics.

Second layer: blue
The blue water wave layer with its fish symbolizes fertility as the rhythm of the water symbolizes the continuous rhythm of nature itself.

Third layer: green
Hidden underneath the water surface deep below human consciousness lays the crocodile in waiting representing risks, the unforeseen, and life and death itself.

Fourth layer: red
The background in the color of blood stands for life itself.

37” x 28”, 1998

Natureza “Natureza”

Paper cutting framed in a shadow box frame.
In homage to the beauty of nature and our planet earth were all life relates to the powers of sun & moon.
20" x 25", 2013