Massimo Divenuto


Location: Italy

Con l'uso della tecnica del collage, per sua natura onnivora e onnicomprensiva,
Massimo Divenuto ritrova una sorta di essenza contemporanea immanente al tempo,
uno speciale osservatorio dal quale catalogarne e stilarne il gusto,
vedere modificarsi il momentaneo nel perdurante e viceversa.
Alberto Gross




Furl the flags of all the nations, lords of the great war.
Hidden Lords of the city state.
masters of the destinies of living beings.
Buried from the dreams of a sweet life.
the stars are not so distant.
the words are moving fast but it's the body that's hard.
memories become blurred but there are always inside.
indelible indelible indelible
the damned extermination, condemned to eternal life
deep spiritual winter.
the future is the Middle Ages, enclave, conclave and carnage.

the island of sixthy apes really exists.
survived the martyrdom of torture and experimentation.
the world is an island.
the world's island.
The road to freedom is long and violent.
the world is an experimental project of mass.
the third church is coming but the doors are closed.
There is an island in the middle of the river.
in the heart of the jungle of West Africa
locals call it the Planet of the Apes.

mud oil pollutes the mangrove swamps
They are men monkey island of monrovia
This is the evolution of the species?
This is the evolution of the species?
colonies emperors of the 4th World
the jackal They will not have the upper hand.
armed rifles and bayonets sharpened

surrounded by the sea of ??corruption
state officials and intelligence diverted
we are the island of monkeys
oblivion diverted and misleading information
filter to the earthly life and eternal life mirror.
the wind is the breath of the gods