Peter A Liebig


Digital Art Through My Eyes

I am excited in posting my art in Artavita. I use years of my experience in Photography, and my unique digital paintings effects to generate one of a kind digital art.

Trains. “Trains.”

This picture is one of the Trains I did in a series of Trains I have taken over the years. This train still operating on the Oregon Coast.

Vines Of The Gods “Vines Of The Gods”

Wine Art is one of the favorite styles I enjoy painting digitally.

Car Dreams “Car Dreams”

The "Car Dream" is a work of art on asphalt the owner worked years on this car. I was excited to be able to photograph his hard work.

The hardest things to do when taking pictures of cars at a car show is to remove all the noise around the subject. Using digital art allows this to highlight the car painting.

Catch Me If You Can “Catch Me If You Can”

"Catch Me If You Can" Was taken on a Dragstrip in Southern Ca.

Bird On A Wire “Bird On A Wire”

Swallow, flying and landing on a wire.