Judy Liu

Monica Judy Liu

I lived in Boston, Massachusetts for much of my early childhood and youth days as a hairstylist at Boston's most popular fashion spot, Newbury Street. However I always had a deep passion for architecture and mix-media arts. My artistic journey began with an interest in origami and drawing houses in my neighborhood as a little girl. I was fascinated with how a simple piece of paper geometrically make its way to art, transforming into your wildest imagination. These interests shaped my life-long dream, challenging the boundaries of visual aesthetic of space through the works of geometrical brilliance. Before I knew it, I was in love with architecture. and was chosen by my technical drawing professor to attend an architectural program at Harvard. I was one of the top two students selected out of 5000. Striving towards my goal of being a architectural-Interior designer, I studied at the Massachusetts College of Arts (now Mass Arts) majored in architectural design and mix-media arts.

An Artist in NYC

Following my artistic endeavours and the opportunities I was given, I decided to venture to the Big Apple, home to some of the largest artistic communities in the East Coast. I first took up film studies at New York Film Academy. Later, going back to my aesthetic roots, I graduated from the New York School of Interior Design, one of the leading interior design institute in the United States. Since then, I have been chasing my design aspirations, working with artist communities in Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan on various projects while residing in Bronx, New York.

I run an art residency in The Bronx, spending much of my time as a mom, a freelance artist, consultant in interior design and architectural drawings, as well as commercial & residential organizing services. While I am capable or taking up any design project, I find that I have an affinity for decorating outdoor spaces like green houses, porches, decks, verandas and gardens. My strength lies in creating space that harmonizes the aesthetic appeal in one's nature aligning with their dreams. "Our dream place is the most comfortable place where we always long to be." Additionally, I have a knack for decor organization for spaces such as vanity dressing rooms & closets, bath & powder rooms, to beautifying transitional spaces such as corridors & entry halls to create a meditative living space for both the body and soul.

My aspiration is to lead and coordinate an art community with like-minded individuals who share my philosophical views on being an artistic-design parent that is more than a job, it should be a 'beautiful way of life.'




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