Leon White



"Well...Hello Girls!" “"Well...Hello Girls!"”

30x24 Acrylic. While touring an open air gift shop in Mexico, These delightful, brightly painted ceramics of various animals were hanging on the outside white walls. Seeing a movement in the distance, I saw a large Iguana slowly walking along the top of the wall. Having taken photos of it and of the ceramics, I painted the Iguana looking down at the ceramic lizards as if HE was flirting with them!
It was a great challenge to get the depth, the 3-D roundness, the reflecting shadows of the ceramic animals on the textured white wall.

"A Soothing Melody" Marble w/Bronze Bird “"A Soothing Melody" Marble w/Bronze Bird”

26"H x 20"W x 9"D. As with all of my Stone Sculptures, the stones shape and color dictates what will emerge from it. Upon seeing the grey striations in this white marble, it reminded me of an Native American Blanket. The stone is naturally flat on the back side. I carved an Elder Woman rescuing a baby bird. Protecting it from the blowing wind with her blanket, while whistling a soothing melody to calm it. I enjoyed creating the various textures for variety in this piece.

"Cali Lillies"  Jade “"Cali Lillies" Jade”

Canadian Jade with Anhydrite Flowers. 24"H x 14"W x 10"D. To date this is one of my Pride and Joys for a Stone Sculpture! Off and on studying every move, this piece took about two years to complete. It is rare to find such a large GREEN stone, which for me usually becomes a plant form. I knew that this stone needed special creativity. The stone for the blossoms is called Anhydrite, a very brittle stone. I held the blossoms on a pillow while carving as they are very thin and slippery when smooth. I located very small, rare pieces of yellow marble for the stamens. As with many of my stone sculptures, I leave part of the skin of the stone in the design for added interests, and to show the viewer what the natural stone looked like before the carving.

"Camouflage"  China Jade “"Camouflage" China Jade”

22" H x 10"W x 3"D. The challenge was to create a very thin leaf to allow light showing through it. This is about 1/4" thickness. After the design, it seemed a bit empty and lifeless, so I chose to add a frog hanging on the underside of the leaf. The frog being the same stone texture led to the Title of this piece.

"Napping Owl" “"Napping Owl"”

28" H. Ceramic, Madrone Tree Branches. This is one of my current Owls, a continuous ceramic series "Avian Antics" depicting Owls, Crows, Ravens. Seeking new ideas for this series, I started to add various tree specie tree branches to the sculptures. These add more of a Natural Setting as if the birds are perched on branches.