Nora Said

Nora Said was born in Cordoba, Argentina. Always drawn by art and nature, Nora found in the art of painting the greatest medium for expressing and sharing the intrigue and beauty she saw in the world around her. Nora gave shape and way to her creativity and artistic intuition by taking classes and participating in workshops about diverse techniques such as porcelain, silk, oil, acrylic and watercolor. In addition, she devoted herself to sharing her technique and passion by presenting her own workshop series, “Painting on silk, a millenary technique.”

After sharing her art and great sensitivity only within the intimacy of her family, Nora decided to open a window for the world to see inside her colorful universe. She participated in numerous exhibitions, both collectively and individually. Today the work of the talented artist is found in different cities around the world and is part of the private collections of big art lovers and supporters. Sensitive, intuitive, highly talented, creative and versatile, Nora Said continues to evolve and blossom in her artistic path towards beauty and freedom.


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