Paola Tassinari

Paola Tassinari

Location: Italy

Paola Tassinari writer, painter, Ravenna blogger. Published in 2012, the historical novel by Diana Ghibullo, in 2013 the metropolitan gothic novel The whore of Venice, in 2014 the dark romance are dark and beautiful, with the Girasole Edizioni. In 2015 the novel Ar 'var alda and the collection of poems Arcana rump shot, in 2016 the novel The scarecrow with Edizioni Sensoinverso, which won the Critics Prize at the International Competition Michelangelo Buonarroti. It also published the novel The journeys of Gilles and harvesting of cotton Biocchi fables. From 2013 he collaborated with the newspaper La Voce di Romagna. From 2015 participates in the online newspaper Nova ( A part of his fables are published on the website I'll tell you a fairy tale ( His paintings and digital works are in numerous art portals. Usually he exhibits at MAF Forlì. He has participated in a number of Arts of Emilia Romagna Festival. In 2015 he participated in the Biennale of Art IAT (Italy Art Tokyo). In 2016 he joined the project with Ellin Selae 1000 small original and signed works. It is part of the cultural movement "Hundred Artists for the World". And 'it recognized the WADA (World Register of Artists). His address on Facebook:
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Portraits inspired by the hell of Dante and the man with braces