The Russian-American mystic MAITREYA (Viatcheslav Petrov-Gladky,b.1954) is an internationally famouse artist and philosopher,the founder of Maitreism (the Teaching of Maitreya), composer,pamphleteer,author of screen-playes and books.Most importantly,Maitreya'unique way of collecting the wolume of Spiritual experience,which,step by step,formed a mosaic of Proofs of a Unified Organic System (Pentagram) beginning whis Earth,Dream,Sky,Eros...right up to Tartarus! ( )


MAITREYA (ArtArsenal)

Maitreya defines his creative work-Visions-as illustration of mysterial life of Spirit and secret processes of the Universe.During last years the Mystic has dealt exclusively in representation of primordial Dark Side of Existence as basic foundation of the Light.He defined this direction as ArtArsenal.

(ArtArsenal) PanGu.Truly from the Beginning He was alone (100cmx120cm),oil on canvas,2013 “(ArtArsenal) PanGu.Truly from the Beginning He was alone (100cmx120cm),oil on canvas,2013”

May Maitreya keep secret the lordly name of the one who had kindled the Universal Light and then prepared a Quenehing Trident?Here He is: PanGu or... Lucifer!!!