Pat Kanzler

Since I could hold a pencil, I have portrayed the world through my drawings. Like most of humanity, I have lived a dysfunctional life, which helped me to navigate through the chapters of my past, and which will give me guidance for the future. It also gives me a lot to say when I apply myself to a canvas.
My work reveals the artist struggling to understand the world and his artistic medium, although I have never taken any courses, I could never afford it due to time( I was a single mom) or money,I feel compelled to paint, to lay open my soul. Amazing how you speed through your youth but slow down and savor every moment as it slips through your fingers, enjoying every last morsel. My naked emotions…………what you see in my paintings is what I feel…..what do I see: how many colors do I see in that tree, those mountains? HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM
I am having the time of my life; look at the world through my eyes, and enjoy the ride.
Pat Kanzler


water protectors

I have been deeply affected by the Standing Rock Sioux and other Native American tribes to be the protector of their nation and its water, and how the people of North Dakota decided the Dakota Access Pipeline should not go through Bismarck because it might poison their water, but it would be fine if it went through tribal territory and poisoned them. I am enraged. This is an oil over acrylic; I like acrylic because I am impatient and so is the medium, but oil allows me to blend more colors on palette; I use water-soluble oil.