Era Artistry

After stepping into a darkroom for the first time at the age of 14 there was no turning back for Emily Latimer. Already fostering the need to create, which she inherited from her family, she found herself fascinated by the magic of painting with light and freezing a moment in time for all to share. Driven by her fascination she continued developing her skills as an artist and photographer at the Pratt Institute in NYC and at the Academy of Art University. While studying in New York she found that she had a love of designing jewelry as well, the task of creating something tactile that people could admire throughout the day incredibly satisfying. She was inspired by her love of history to incorporate pieces of the past that had laid forgotten, giving them new life so they could once again be cherished and to bring some of the past to the present. She came up with the name ERA Artistry as a way to connect all of her passions and give acknowledgment to those that have supported her in her artistic endeavors. These days Emily is traveling the world finding inspiration wherever she goes, continuing to be influenced by her love for art history, literature and the magical mysteries that life has to offer.



Remembrance “Remembrance”

Faces of lives lost during the turmoil of both the Communist and the Nazi regimes stare back at passing pedestrians from the walls of the House of Terror.