William Francis Brennan

William Francis Brennan

Location: Germany

William F. Brennan (WFB) was born in 1949 in Massachusetts/USA.
He started painting at age 10.
He lived in Toronto/Canada from 1970-1980. He made a living as a handyman and as a painting artist. WFB moved back to the USA, to San Francisco in 1980. There he resided for the following 28 years. He worked as a freelanced artist, -handyman and he restored furniture.
WFB extended his creative work during the years 2001 - 2008:
He built furniture out of driftwood, collected at the beaches of the Pacific Ocean, designed and built the stage sets of the theatre project 'Behind closed doors' and painted several murals in San Francisco. Since August 2008 he is living permanently in Berlin, Germany. His focus is back on painting - on canvas with oil and acrylic - at his art studio, the 'LadenAtelier Brennan’ in Berlin-Neukoelln / Schillerkiez.



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