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Born in Tuscany, I started my first art experiences in a carpenter artisan dad's workshop.
In the time, thanks to the contact of my dad's artist friend, I started to be interested to the painter art and ceramic. During the Classical Hight School I understod the importance of the Mediterrean arts and with the studies of philosophy and psychology I started to made my personal art research. Fashinated abouth the alchemists work I would to try to find an art synhesis between painting, sculpture and metal work that could explain the relationship between body and soul.

Abouth me by ARSEV:

“ The artist by means of her poetry, leads us to explore a deep and long study and relationship with the unconscious. She's art inquiry it is founded on the principles of the ancient alchemists and color ranges from materials and new technical. Her creations of various origins and development, are the manifestation of her being and becoming. ..,,


“Donne Nell'Arte” (Women in Art). Book edited by Arpinè Sevagian. Texts Araxi Ipekjian and Sole Scalpellini.

“Percezioni Contemporanee tra Tempo Luogo e Spazio” (Contemporary Perceptions of Place and Space Time”. Book edited by Arpinè Sevagian. Texts Araxi Ipekjian.

International Art Magazine “ Arte Mondadori”

Expositions and TV

15/12/2016-06/01/2017 personal exposition on Fine Roots Gallery-Edinburgh
From September 2011 to April 2014 permanent exposition in the “Firenze Arte Gallery”- Florence
From September 2011 to April 2014 some works have been in the telecast “Toscana Arte” (Art in Tuscany)
From 2009 Permanent exposition into “Il Bagolaro” (Bagolaro palace) – San Gimignano
2008 Own exposition into “Palazzo Pratellesi” (Pratellesi's Palace) - San Gimignano


Sculpture course by Master Marco Di Piazza
Ceramic by Master Arnaldo Bonci
Art and History of Modern Art Course by Master Piero Sani
Art and History of Art Course by Master Pier Ferruccio Mennucci
Cartoonist Course at “School International of Comics” - Specialized in human anatomy (3 years)
Classical Hight School “A.Volta”

Additional Skills

From the 2011 private art teacher for single and small classes



Water is the life

"Aquarius" cm 84*60 oil pastel with gold paste applied on cartonboard
£ 500.00

"Under Water" cm 34*24 oil pastel on paper
£ 200.00

"Midnight Tuscany" cm 20*27 oil pastel on paper and copper foil painted with oxides and gold paste applied
£ 200.00

Aquarius “Aquarius”

Cm 84*60

Oil pastels with gold paste applied on cartonboard.

My ispiration was from the song "Aquarium" by Camille Saint Saens. The mysterious treasures into our soul and the magical chemistry that can be intuited but not touched.

£ 500.00

Under Water “Under Water”

Cm 34*24

Oil pastels on paper.

I inspired by the colors that you can see if you put your head above the water sea. When i was a child in Italy i had a bad adventure on the sea but the colours of the light into the water captured my attention and don't made me scared

£ 200.00

Midnight Tuscany “Midnight Tuscany”

Cm 20*27

Oil pastels on paper, copper foil painted with oxides and gold paste applied

Midnight in Tuscany is magic. You can feel the nature colours on your skin as to be into a great sea.

£ 200.00