Frank Van Der Meijden

Born in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, June 21, 1946. During my ‘working life’ I worked as a manager of the 2 best known rock bands in The Netherlands: Doe Maar and Bløf. Both singing in Dutch.
6 years ago I decided this was enough. I stopped and slowly started something totally different. I became an artist, without any education. This time I wanted to tell my own stories.
I tell my stories with all kind of materials; the basic is the junk I find at flea markets, like figurines, barbie dolls, action men, artificial flowers, old jewellery but also remains of plants etc. etc. I use amongst other things old fabrics, spray paint, lacquer, for the background.
My work is usually 3 dimensional, often built in cases and although with many details, still quite raw. All together the result is an unpolished colorful spectacle with many symbolic and surrealistic angles, humor and often with titles from rock songs.
I have been exposed in quite a few art shows now like Art Miami, Art New York, PAN in Amsterdam, Paris, Tokyo, Montreux and had several solo exhibitions in Amsterdam (Smith-Davidson Gallery), Gorinchem (Gorcums Museum), Eindhoven (Dutch Design Week), Middelburg, Vlissingen and next month I will have my first exhibition in New York.


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