Shante J Young

I am an artist of 36 years that love to draw and painting. I am a self-taught artist of several years before returning back to college in 2009 and recently receiving my bachelors degree in studio art from California State University, Sacramento. I am originally from Chicago Illinois but I've lived in California since the age of 14. I have participated in several art shows in the San Francisco Bay Area such as The Art of the Living Black.

I am an artist that enjoys creating pieces of artwork that emphasizes expression. I am inspired by subjects dealing specifically with everyday people in common daily settings. I like to capture moments in time that most people would consider less likely desirable. My artwork has a realistic style but a raw edge.When I create a piece of art my intention is to tell a story by capture feelings and emotions dealing with that specific subject matter (poverty, homelessness, natural disaster, etc.). Variety is the spice of life and as an artist I believe it is good to have a diverse understanding of how to create art of all subject matters and to never limit my usage of materials.I strive to incorporate the same emotions and feelings that I encompass in my realism art as well as in my non figurative or abstract work.


Shante' Art

Paintings and Drawing

Born To Play “Born To Play”

Blues Oil Painting

Mood “Mood”

Abstract Oil Painting

Jen Sae Qua “Jen Sae Qua”

Abstract - Oil Painting

The Pondering “The Pondering”

Drawing - Graphite

Haitian Girls “Haitian Girls”

Mixed Medium Drawing - Pastel, Watercolor, Pencil

Sweet Melody “Sweet Melody”

Blues - Oil Painting

5 Color Landscape “5 Color Landscape”

20 X 30 Oil Painting

In Tuned “In Tuned”

Blues - Oil Painting

Attitude “Attitude”

Abstract - Oil Painting

The Worry “The Worry”

Drawing - Graphite

The Performance “The Performance”

Abstract - Oil Painting