Patrizia Diamante

Patrizia Diamante

Location: Italy

My name is Patrizia Diamante. I was born in Faenza in 1963 from family of potters.
I started painting in 14 years, self-taught.
After graduating from graphic design, in 1982 I enrolled at the Maestro Goffredo Trovarelli's school and graduated in 1986 with highest honours at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Firenze at the school of painting of the Maestro Silvio Loffredo, who was already a student of Oskar Kokoshka.
Specializing in portrait with crayons and pencils on paper and oil on canvas, has participated at many personal and collective exhibitions. I worked as a ceramist, muralist and decorator window dresser.
I live and work in Modigliana, a nice little town close to Bologna, Italy. I also produced drawings for tattoo, t-shirts, cartoons and newspaper logos, postcards, book covers, editorial projects, etc. I teach painting from life (portrait, still life, landscape) and organize art workshop with children. My works are in numerous public and private collections in Italy and abroad.
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Specializing in portrait with crayons and pencils on paper and oil on canvas.

Alessandra “Alessandra”

Alessandra's portrait. Crayon on paper.

Michela “Michela”

Michela's portrait. Pencil and crayon on paper.

Moroccan girl “Moroccan girl”

A moroccan girl's portrait. Pencil and crayon on paper.

Alessandro “Alessandro”

Alessandro's portrait. Oil on canvas.

Raffaella “Raffaella”

Raffaella's portrait. Oil on canvas.

Tosca's portrait “Tosca's portrait”

A scene from Tosca by Puccini, portrait of the protagonist. Oil on canvas.

Napalm Janis “Napalm Janis”

Janis Joplin tribute, oil and acrylic on canvas.

Federico e Giulietta “Federico e Giulietta”

Oil on canvas 50 x 50


Some landscaps of Italy

Trebbio country road Modigliana “Trebbio country road Modigliana”

Landscape of Modigliana, a country road in the summertime. Oil on canvas.

Firenze “Firenze”

Oil on canvas, 50 x 60

A woman watching the sea “A woman watching the sea”

Oil on canvas, 40 x 35

A robin in the snow “A robin in the snow”

Oil on canvas, 40 x 35