Danielle Solk

Danielle Solk

Location: Singapore

I am a UK artist and art teacher, currently working in Singapore. I create an eclectic array of paintings and mixed media work, as I enjoy exploring a range of different materials and techniques, always excited and curious to try new things. My abstract painting aims to take the viewer on an imaginative journey of associations, as colours, marks, shapes and composition suggest and stimulate memories and thoughts, personal only to them. Titles are left loose but evocative, to add to the intrigue.

In my portrait work I am playing with multiple layers of imagery and photography in the background, giving clues and further insights into the subject of the painting, their history, life and experience. I also enjoy working with poetry, statements or quotes that add strength or further meaning to a specific landscape or place, always with the intention of encouraging the onlooker to think more about the work, people or places within it.

You can see more of my work at www.daniellesolk.com where you can contact me with further enquiries and also on instagram@daniellesolk


Abstract Painting

Abstract painting for me is a kind of meditation. It forces me to work purely intuitively, where what I thought I had intended to work towards is usually in complete contrast to the end product. I do not want to know how an abstract painting will look before I do it and it is impossible to do so, in the approach that I take. I want to be surprised by the result and be left with a new palette of possibilities for the next work, learnt from the experience of the previous one. I love playing with colour combinations and how they create different moods and feelings. If shapes start to form themselves too obviously into recognisable things then I obliterate them, trying to keep things loose enough to suggest, rather than dictate. It is a tricky balance to find but that is what keeps me engaged and interested in it.