Dex Hannon

Dex Hannon was born and educated in Manchester, studying at Manchester Metropolitan University.
He is now based at Sopa Creativa studios in Yorkshire. He is a multi-media artist and photographer. He exhibits regularly in England and his work sells worldwide. His paintings have featured in books and magazines. He is represented in New York by Elizabeth Sadoff Art Advisory.

Dex's work explores, memory, duality and contrast through mixing of styles, techniques and bold colour choices. He works with mixed-media layers, creating an argument or tension upon the canvas. When the painting is finished, the painting is not the end. Throughout the creation of the painting it is photographed. Using these photographs, he digitally recreates a version of the painting, or as he puts it he, 'Digitally Remixes' it.


Chaos Agri-Culture

Dex Hannon’s work explores memory, duality and contrast through mixing of styles, techniques and colour choices. Creating a tension or argument between the foreground and background. The painting is not the end…

If we forget our past, we cannot understand our future “If we forget our past, we cannot understand our future”

Our past is corrupted, jaded and incomplete. Filled with confused inter connected memories, but this past helped create who we are now. The background, using the palette 'memory' of the colours used in the foreground. The memories are blended, blurred and discombobulated, all merging into each other. The fog of the past juxtaposed with the clarity of 'the now' represented through, sharp clinical lines and bold, rich colours

Communication Ice Age “Communication Ice Age”

This work is inspired by the music of Eno, Glass and Nyman, the subtle hypnotic changes that create the whole. Beautifully held together with fragility. The painting reflects on the death or 'ice age' of intellect or serious conversation. The death of the art of communication.

There is nothing subtle about Humanity “There is nothing subtle about Humanity”

I was listening to Talking Heads song 'nothing but flowers. It is the opposite sentiment to Joni Mitchell's Big Yellow Taxi. That song gave me this. There is nothing subtle about humanity. We see a field and we fill it with buildings. We over-populate and take over. Fill it with our junk and care nothing of the consequences of our actions. No. There is nothing subtle about Humanity.

Rusted Revolutions “Rusted Revolutions”

Where have all the heroes gone? This paintings palette is a homage to Braque and Picasso and harks back to the passionate revolutionary spirit of the time. We have lost our revolutionary spirit. We accept everything and challenge nothing. Bold, geometric shapes, interlock over an orange and rusted abstracted background. A suggestion of cubism meets minimalist geometric art

Digital Remixes

Music is an important influence on Dex Hannon’s work. The music he listened to growing up always incorporated a remix version. In some cases the remix became more important than the original source material.

The remixing process can re-energise a song, change its’ direction, or give it a new life. The remix is perplexing though. It needs the original source material to have life without it, it wouldn’t exist.

The paintings’ original concept is re-examined, a counter argument, or an agreement is made. The painting and the digital work form part of a conversation.

Future -Past “Future -Past”

This is the second digital Remix of the painting 'If we forget our past we cannot understand or future. Another part of the argument between the original painting and the first digital remix 'the past has no place in the future.' The art has now become an internal discussion between each piece. This piece has more emotion and is almost a rage. An angry response to the other two. Angular and colourful it demands your attention

In Rust we trusted “In Rust we trusted”

This is a digital remix of the painting 'Rusted Revolutions'.

A reflection of the death of the revolutionary spirit. What have we lost when the last real revolutionary left us?

Interspersing found images of Che Guevara with my own photography to create a vision of radical geometric revolution.

Using the original painting as the starting point, photographs and found images the painting is deconstructed and recreated using digital software. Re-imagined or remixing it.

Kommunikotion Ice Age “Kommunikotion Ice Age”

This is a digital remix of the painting 'Communication Ice Age', A study of language deteriorating and becoming corrupted. We are in a Kommunikotion Ice Age. People are hooked into their mobiles more than conversations with who they're with.

Using bold, radical geometry and abstracted form to create tension. radical, broken lines, visceral colours, dynamic blue and white flashes of colour sharply pierce through the work.

During the creation of the original painting I photographed it at various stages, using these photographs I then completely reconstructed it digitally. I call it, 'digitally remixing' it.