Sedigheh Tutti

sedigheh tutti

Location: Iran

Sedigheh Tutti was born in Iran, Mashhad in 1972. She is graduated in a master's degree of the solid state physics from Ferdowsi university of Mashhad. She has been interested in painting all life but professionally started it from 2014.
She has been studying and working paintings since April 2014 (in a private weekly class (classical art) by an academic master of art, Mr Hossein Sohrabi till April 2017 and in another class (modern art) by the artist Mrs Taherh Vahedian since July 2016) in Mashhad, Iran. She is making realistic and abstract paintings.

1-She was winner early years in college in a painting contest between about 500 persons.
2-She was the first one in year 2015 in a recalling of painting with subject "on the honor of spring" in Mashhad city.
3-She participated in a portrait painting recalling in year 2016 in Mashhad city.


coloured milieu

sometimes it is very interesting to paint realistic things with changed color space, making colors more gray and raising one spatial color, or extinguish the model by can speak with colors!

lifeless temper1 “lifeless temper1”

powerful red color shines on gray environment!

mashhad city outskirts

my city environs, sometimes beautiful, sometimes sad and silent...

line abstract

red trees 2 “red trees 2”

red light of day burns my mind my existence

Uproar “Uproar”

Living shouts among red trees and green sky and the objects go uproar